Directory Overview


  • Printed Annually in March (26th Edition)
  • Magazine – 84 pages, Full Color
  • Contains listings of co-op natural food stores (over 370), co-op companies, support organizations & the “Yearbook Section”.
  • 80# Gloss Cover, 60# Satin Enamel pages


  • April 2017: Three Free Directories Sent to the General Manager of every co-op natural food store listed along with Flyers and Catalogs from advertisers
  • Ongoing: Directories are Distributed Through Co-ops and the Web all year


  • Free link to advertisers
  • Lists Ad Specs & Transmission Instructions


  • Section A:Lists All Co-op Natural Food Stores in the U.S. (Over 370)
    • Listed by State (State Maps Included)
    • Listings include: Name, Address, Phone Number
    • Most listings also include: Fax #, Web Page Address, Store Hours, Directions to the Store
  • Section B: Lists Co-ops in Alphabetical Order (For Cross Reference with Section A)
  • Support Organizations: Lists Organizations that Provide Services to Co-ops
  • Co-ops Products & Services: Lists Co-op Companies (To Promote Cooperation Among Co-ops)
  • Yearbook Section: Pictures and news from the co-ops.

There are 4 types of advertisers:

  1. Products and Services: these are companies that provide products and services of interest to our co-op natural food organizations.
  2. Co-ops Products & Services: The “Co-op Products and Services” Section of the National Co-op Directory is intended to let the co-op food stores know that these companies are co-ops to promote cooperation between co-ops which is one of the Cooperative Principles. These are all co-ops that are owned and operated by their members.
  3. Support Organizations: These organizations provide consulting and information services specifically of interest to co-ops.
  4. Co-op Stores / Organizations: A general way to describe the majority of organizations listed would be: Member-Owned Natural Food Stores. A few are Member-Owned supermarkets. In this new wave of listings we have included some on-line co-ops and other variations of food co-ops so people can have contact information if they want to start similar co-ops.

All Co-op Grocers get a free listing. If you are a member of a new co-op, make our process faster by contacting us.

For the 2018 Directory:
Reserve your ad space by January 27, 2018
Camera ready advertisements are due by February 10, 2018.