Rate Sheet

For the 2018 Directory:
Reserve your ad space by Please place your ad by by January 27, 2018.
Camera ready advertisements are due by February 10, 2018.


2018 rates TBD

Sizewidth x height in inches
Full Page7.5"x10"
1/2 Page7.5"x4.9"
1/3 Page4.9"x4.9"
1/4 Page3.7”x4.9”
1/6 Page Horizontal4.9"x2.4"
1/6 Page Vertical2.4"x4.9"

Include Your Flyer/Catalog In Our Mailing:

  • Flyer – Include your Flyer or Catalog In Our Annual Mailing In April To Every Co-op In Our Listing. (We would need about 400 Flyers)
    • cost – $ 250 (20% discount if placed w/ad)
  • Catalog – Call for Quote


There are 4 types of advertisers:

  1. Products and Services: these are companies that provide products and services of interest to our co-op natural food organizations.
  2. Co-ops Products & Services: The “Co-op Products and Services” Section of the National Co-op Directory is intended to let the co-op food stores know that these companies are co-ops to promote cooperation between co-ops which is one of the Cooperative Principles. These Co-op Companies are owned and operated by their members.
  3. Support Organizations: These organizations provide consulting and information services specifically of interest to co-ops.
  4. Co-op Stores / Organizations: A general way to describe the majority of organizations listed would be: Member-Owned Natural Food Stores. A few are Member-Owned supermarkets. In this new wave of listings we have included some on-line co-ops and other variations of food co-ops so people can have contact information if they want to start similar co-ops.

All Co-op Grocers get a free listing. If you are a member of a new co-op, make our process faster by contacting us. Co-op stores also receive a discount on advertising rates, please inquire for prices.

In addition to the listing – free promotional space for co-ops is also available in the form of the “Yearbook Section” which includes pictures and information about some of the co-ops in our listing. Each participating co-op can have up to a half-page space to write about the progress they have made in the last year, especially progress made in promoting sustainable living and a local economy.  Click here for more details about submissions for this section.