Yearbook Section

In 2016 we added the “Yearbook Section ” which includes pictures and information submitted by the co-ops about the progress they have made in the last year, especially progress made in promoting sustainable living and a local economy.
In the “Yearbook Section” each participating co-op can have up to a half-page space for pictures and a brief explanation about their year. Co-ops will be contacted in September 2017 to get submissions but a co-op can sign up & submit their entry anytime during the year by contacting George Keller email hidden; JavaScript is required

Entries are free.

Yearbook Section Submissions

  • Send pictures and a brief write-up or send a PDF of the entire half page.
  • A half-page space is 4.9” high x 7.5” wide
  • Pictures can generally be reduced but not enlarged. Photos from websites are too small for print.
  • We would be glad to write your input and choose and arrange pictures for your co-op’s entry. Email or call to discuss the possibilities.

Submit materials by January 16, 2018 to email hidden; JavaScript is required