What size photos are recommended for the yearbook section?

For the yearbook section, please send photos that areĀ 1024×768 AND LARGER please. We can always scale down an image but scaling up an image will make it pixlated or blurry.

Size in pixelsCamera MegapixelsMax Size in inches @300 dpi for print
320x240-1.067" X 0.8"
640x480-2.133" X 1.6"
1024x768-3.413" X 2.56"
1280x9601 Megapixel4.267" X 3.2"
1600x12002 Megapixel5.3" X 4.0"
2048x15363 Megapixel6.8" X 5.1"
2240x16804 Megapixel7.467" X 5.6"
2560x19205 Megapixel8.6" X 6.4"
3032x20086 Megapixel10.107" X 7.58"
3072x23047 Megapixel10.2" X 7.6"
3264x24488 Megapixel10.8" X 8.1"
3648 x 273610 Megapixel12.1" X 9.1"
4000x300012 Megapixel13.3" X 10"
4288x321614 Megapixel14.2" X 10.7"

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