Can I see a proof of my co-op’s yearbook page before it goes to print?

There’s a workflow to this publication and dates that they have to be to the printer by. It would add a lot of time to the process to give everyone a proof of the yearbook page they are on. The yearbook section is free for co-ops. Many co-ops also buy an ad so they can have their ad with all of their details exactly as they want it.

If we have to make changes to text we do try and make sure people know how that’s been edited down to (someone else sent in several pages of text for example when we have max a half page) for the yearbook section of the publication. We want things to be accurate.


My ad is too large to email, now what?

We can accept files up to 25MB in size HOWEVER your email service provider might max out at 5MB. There are some other options for getting larger files to us including:

large file transfer options NCD is the only one that does not require an account. It’s also free and quick to use with easy to follow instructions.

Dropbox: If you already have a dropbox account, sharing a larger file or folder with us is super easy. For the National Co-op Directory simply share the file with hb******@fa***************.com Dropbox’s instructions for sharing can be found here:

Google Drive: If you regularly use Google Drive OR you use a gmail account, you can also upload large files to Google Drive and again share with hb******@fa***************.com Uploading instructions can be found here: and sharing instructions can be found here:

If none of these are an option or your IT department has blocked you from accessing these, please contact us for information on uploading via FTP instead if the file can not be emailed.

As always – all ads get a confirmation when we’ve saved them to our systems and checked them in so if you have sent something and haven’t heard back from us in over a week, shoot us a quick email to make sure you shared the file properly!

I have a logo and some text – can you design my ad for the National Co-op Directory?

Through the National Co-op Directory, we offer two options:

  • minor changes to last year’s ad such as change the hours and we charge $10
  • OR a very basic ad design: Logo left side, text right side, no rounds of revisions unless there’s a typo, for $20.

If you need something more detailed or would like more input in your ad design, Hilary offers design services directly through her graphics company, Fascination Design, and you can contact her at sa***@fa***************.com or you are also welcome to select another designer to work with.

What size should my ad be if it has bleeds.

As far as bleeds go, consider the published ad sizes the safe area and typically you will add 1/2″ to each side that’s visible and a minimum of a 1/4″ on each side that’s bleed.


A full page ad with bleed would be:

  • 7.5″x10″ safe area area that you should keep the text and main content of your ad within.
  • 8.5″x11″ visible the final page size is 8.5” x 11” once finished and cut so this is the area that will be seen.
  • 9″x11.5″ bleed minimum (or 9.5″x12″ bleed preferred) this is the area that will likely be cut but should have color from your ad so that if the cut isn’t dead on, the ad color will still come to the edge.


Half page ad with bleeds would be:

  • 7.5″x4.9″ safe area
  • 8.5″x5.15″ visible
  • 9″x5.4″ bleed


Let us know if you have any additional questions or need additional help. 🙂

For Travelers

For travelers, it is best to contact a co-op store well in advance of arriving at the store. Some stores are only open a few hours a week and can be difficult to contact. Some co-ops allow only members to shop but usually make special arrangements for travelers. However, limited access co-ops are the exception and you will find most co-ops ready to serve you seven days a week.

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